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Physician Diaries is a podcast for physicians who are feeling exhausted, burned out, depressed, anxious, frustrated, or alone, physicians who are needing a safe and anonymous space to talk about difficult experiences. We are taught that burnout is due to inner weakness and that it can be fixed with meditation or exercise. But that is simply ridiculous. Apply enough pressure to a steel beam, and it will bend or break—no matter how strong it is. With all the pressures and demands that we deal with every single day as physicians, we are bound to develop some amount of burnout. Talking about your difficult days, your frustrations, your burnout can help. If you are wanting a safe and anonymous space to vent and have your feelings heard, give us a call at 1-833-MYDIARY, leave an anonymous voicemail and speak your mind. Remember that these will be on the internet, so leave out any identifying information.

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